Question: How To Turn Off Water Supply To Maytag Mzd2663keq?

How do I turn off the water to my Maytag refrigerator?

Turn off the water supply valve on the line behind the refrigerator. The T-handle shut-off valve is between the house line and the refrigerator line behind the unit. Turn the handle clockwise to stop the water flow to the refrigerator.

How do I turn off the water to my ice maker?

To turn off the water supply to the icemaker, you need to close the shut-off valve in the copper waterline. They are the first ones. The rear lower access panel is located on the back of the refrigerator. The fill tubing must be removed from the water valve.

How do I turn off my Maytag ice maker?

To manually turn “Off” the ice maker, lift the wire shutoff arm.

  1. To turn the ice maker “On”, lift open the ice maker door and lower the wire shutoff arm.
  2. To manually turn “Off” the ice maker, lift the wire shutoff arm.
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Do you have to shut off water to change fridge filter?

When the water filter is at the bottom or its side and not in the top sticking down, you should turn off the water. Once the water pressure is off it will release easily. Just make sure you get the correct filter for your fridge otherwise it will damage the water system.

Can a fridge make ice without a water line?

Can a fridge make ice without a water line? You don’t need to hook it up if you don’t want ice and water, the fridge will work fine without it. No, you do not have to install the water line. The ice maker itself doesn’t take up too much space in the freezer, so you could just turn it off and pretend it’s not there.

Where is the water shut off valve for refrigerator?

The shut-off valve is usually located under the kitchen sink, in the basement, in a crawl space or in the cabinet next to the refrigerator. There will be a small 1/4 inch copper line attached to the cold water supply line using a saddle valve (t-valve).

Can you shut off a saddle valve?

A saddle valve is mounted directly on to a pipe which is usually 1/2 inch copper tubing. Saddle valves are self-tapping devices. Turning the handle counter-clockwise opens the valve. These valves can be installed without shutting off the main water supply.

Is my saddle valve open or closed?

When the handle of a ball valve is parallel to the valve or pipe, it’s open. When it’s perpendicular, it’s closed. Saddle valves are self-tapping devices. Once mounted on a line, with the included rubber seal in place, all that is required is to turn the valve clockwise until it pierces the water line.

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Should you turn off ice maker when you turn off water?

If your icemaker will not be used for some time (vacation, storage, etc.), we recommend that you shut off the water supply to the refrigerator and turn off the icemaker. If you turn off the water supply, make sure you also turn off the icemaker.

Will an ice maker burn up without water?

P.S. Ice makers left on extended periods without water connected can ruin the ice maker. The reason, is there is a calrod heater molded to the bottom of the ice maker to loosen the cubes. With no water, it will cycle these heaters every 10 minutes or so eventually burning out the heater, which is non-replaceable.

Should you turn off your ice maker?

You need to leave it plugged in and running all the time if you want ice. If the unit is powered off the ice will melt and the water will return to the reservoir. This is just like your refrigerator or freezer in that it needs to be on all the time.

Why won’t my ice maker shut off?

If it is a water valve issue, then it is an issue with the valve not closing and continuing to distribute water. This will result in frozen drips and frozen puddling in your ice maker. You will want to shut off the water and power to your refrigerator ahead of time.

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