Question: How Supply Wells Are In Brentwood Water District?

Does Brentwood CA have hard water?

Groundwater supplies used by the City of Brentwood produce water with a hardness range of 190 to 490 milligrams per liter. For the most part, surface water is referred to as “naturally soft “, although it is not mineral free.

Where does Brentwood California get its water?

The City of Brentwood utilizes ground water and surface water to supply domestic water to about 20,000 service connections through approximately 345 miles of water mains. The ground water is pumped from the City’s active ground water wells.

Is Brentwood CA water safe to drink?

The City of Brentwood is proud to produce high quality water that continues to comply with or do better than every federal and state standard for safe drinking water.

Where does Walnut Creek get its water?

Your Water Source We draw water from Rock Slough near Oakley, Mallard Slough in Bay Point, Old River near the town of Discovery Bay and nearby Middle River. We divert water under our federal Central Valley Project contract as well as our own water rights and agreements with neighboring agencies.

Where is Ebmud water from?

Healthy for your family. Most of EBMUD’s water comes from the Mokelumne River watershed on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada. This area is mostly national forest, EBMUD-owned lands and other undeveloped lands little affected by human activity.

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Where does Martinez CA water come from?

Martinez obtains its untreated water supply from CCWD through the US Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) Central Valley Project (CVP). CCWD’s untreated water service area includes Antioch, Bay Point, Oakley, Pittsburg, and portions of Brentwood and Martinez.

Where does Oakland get its water?

Source Of Oakland Drinking Water The city of Oakland gets its water from the Mokelimne River Watershed, which is at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. The remaining water is supplied by the East Bay Watershed.

Is Walnut Creek tap water safe to drink?

WALNUT CREEK, CA — Most Americans don’t think twice about drinking a glass of water. A report released Wednesday, though, found more than 270 harmful contaminants in local drinking water across the nation, including in Walnut Creek.

Does Walnut Creek have electricity?

To address climate change and implement its Climate Action Plan, the City of Walnut Creek has joined MCE to offer residents and businesses additional electric energy choices. Since September 2016, MCE has become the default electricity provider.

Where does Concord get its water?

Concord’s main water supply comes from both surface and groundwater sources. The water supply system consists of six active groundwater supply wells, one lake, several pumping stations, two storage reservoirs, and over 121 miles of water main.

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