Question: How Do You Get To The Water Supply In Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon?

How do you get to the Water Supply in Luigi’s Mansion?

The Water Supply is an outside area inside of the Haunted Towers in Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. The Water Supply can only be accessed taking the door on the top floor of the Laboratories, where it becomes the Lounge.

How do you fix the Water Supply in Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon?

With the bubble in your Poltergust, blow to inflate the bubble, letting Luigi float into the air. Avoid the spiked plants and land on the next floor, leading to the Water Supply.

How do you get to the rooftop pool in Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon?

The Rooftop Pool is a room inside the Haunted Towers in Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. The Rooftop Pool can be accessed only by inspecting the reclining chair inside the West Bathroom. This large room, as the name implies, has a pool in the middle with a diving board.

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Where is the boo in pool party?

Boo – Boo B. Trap – In the family room there hang portraits of two of the three sisters. Cast the darklight to reveal the third portrait. To get the Boo out of hiding, press x when near the portrait to adjust its position.

How do you get B1 in Luigi’s Mansion?

Walk through the hole you’ve revealed into the elevator shaft. Walk to the right wall, down toward the camera, and climb the ladder to the top. Become Gooigi, and walk to the far left corner of the landing. Ooze through the floor and you can collect the B1 blue gem.

How do you beat the Venus flytrap in Luigi’s Mansion?

To open the venus fly trap have Luigi suction shot/pull on one side and the Gooigi do it on the other. Then interact with the edge of the venus fly trap to slide back down.

How do you get to the crypt in Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon?

The Crypt is a room from Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, only accessed in the mission B-3: Graveyard Shift of the Haunted Towers. It requires a key that Luigi must grab before entering the door which has now closed on Luigi. You enter by lighting a spider ball on fire and holding X to keep it away from the water.

How do you get Gooigi over water?

Head to the right and enter the men’s restroom. Use your suction shot to open the 2nd stall door (far right). Use the dark light to reveal the grate and drop Gooigi down it to turn off the water.

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How do you break the crack walls in Luigi’s Mansion 3?

Slam down on the square outline on the stage to reveal a super suction socket. Use it to break the wall in front of you. Suck up all of the ghosts, and then head through the TV that appears. On the other side, vacuum the popcorn to get a gem.

How do you get the purple gem in Luigi’s Mansion 3 bathroom?

Green Gem: Mall Lobby – Use the Dark-Light on the upper-left corner of the shopping area to reveal a ladder. Climb up and open the chest to reveal this gem. Purple Gem: Restroom – In the lady’s restroom. To reach it, pull the vent off the left wall in the men’s restroom, then enter with Gooigi.

Where is the boo in doggone key?

Boo location In the Tool Shed, where Luigi must use the Dark-Light Device on all hidden objects of the room.

Where is the special key in Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon?

The key is located in the front lawn. To get the key, you will have to investigate both the mansions entrance doors and the window to the left. Once you have investigated, a mouse appears on the porch with a key dragging behind him. Catch the mouse in the front lawn to get the key.

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