Often asked: Where Does San Francisco Get Its Water Supply?

Where does San Francisco get their water from?

San Francisco draws its water from two major watersheds — the Tuolumne, which includes the Hetch Hetchy reservoir, Cherry Lake and Lake Eleanor, and the Alameda and Peninsula watersheds. Hetch Hetchy, a reservoir located in Yosemite National Park, provides about 85% of the city’s water supply.

How much water does San Francisco get from Hetch Hetchy?

The aqueduct delivers an average of 265,000 acre⋅ft (327,000 dam3) of water each year, or 31,900,000 cu ft (900,000 m3) per day, to residents of San Francisco and San Mateo, Santa Clara and Alameda Counties.

Where does the fresh water for the San Francisco Bay Area come from?

Most of the Bay’s inflow comes from rivers and streams that flow into the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers and then is funneled through the Delta to the Bay. Locally important creeks and rivers that discharge directly into the Bay contribute about 10% of the Bay’s freshwater inflow.

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Is the tap water in San Francisco safe to drink?

Can You Drink Tap Water in San Francisco? The tap water in San Francisco, California, is safe to drink and one of the best in tasting tap water in the U.S. Delicious tap water costs less than half a penny per gallon, is quality examined over 100,000 times a year, and goes straight to your tap.

Which is the number one source of drinking water for the San Francisco Bay Area?

The San Francisco Bay Area imports more than 65 percent of its water through the Hetch Hetchy Aqueduct, the East Bay’s Mokelumne Aqueduct. The region also obtains water from the SWP and the federal CVP.

Will Hetch Hetchy ever be restored?

As the habitat is restored, animals will migrate home and the twin of Yosemite Valley will re-emerge in the light of the 21st century. Families from around the world will be able to return to Hetch Hetchy Valley year after year to witness a national treasure coming back to life.

Is Hetch Hetchy water good?

Well, the good news is that our famed Hetch Hetchy supply is good to the last drop after all. The EWG report on the San Francisco City Water System (which excludes the Presidio and Treasure Island, for the record) records only nine types of contaminants, and only three at potentially alarming levels.

What cities get Hetch Hetchy water?

According to the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, Hetch Hetchy Reservoir can store as much as 117 billion gallons for the Hetch Hetchy Regional Water System, which serves San Francisco, Santa Clara, Alameda and San Mateo counties.

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Can you swim in Hetch Hetchy?

Water Quality: Swimming and boating are prohibited in Hetch Hetchy Reservoir in order to maintain a clean source of drinking water. Fishing: Fishing is allowed year-round in most lakes and the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir and part of the year in most rivers and streams.

Why is San Francisco Bay so dangerous?

The big danger is the rip currents that form just off the beaches in San Francisco, especially at Ocean Beach. Almost every year, people drown at Ocean Beach, and most of those deaths could have been prevented.

Can you swim in the San Francisco Bay?

You can swim in the Bay and there are aquatic groups who do it regularly. The Bay water is about 55 degrees year round so you need to have a tough hide to do it without a suit. There is a really cool beach off Alameda that is used regularly in the summer and there are a few in Marin County also.

Why is San Francisco Bay water so cold?

The ocean temperatures off the coast of Northern California are cooler than Alaska’s. Frigid waters and endless fog are all cyclical phenomena for the Bay Area, and they have to do with something called upwelling, which is when extremely cold water from deep in the ocean rises to the top.

Is bottled water banned in San Francisco?

The airport’s new rule will prohibit every on-site restaurant, cafe and vending machine from selling single-use plastic water bottles. In 2014, San Francisco approved an ordinance that banned the sale of single-use plastic water bottles on properties owned by the city.

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Is San Francisco a dangerous place to live?

San Francisco is extremely safe, but some parts can be unsafe. It is a very rich city that is also very poor with a huge homeless population.

Should I filter my tap water San Francisco?

San Franciscan’s beloved Hetch Hetchy water is so clean, that San Francisco is one of few municipalities not required by law to filter its water (although it is disinfected by ozonation and UV exposure). Where the quality degrades, is when the city blends Hetch Hetchy water with water from other sources.

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