Often asked: What Is San Antoniamunicaple Water Supply?

What is the source of San Antonio water supply?

The San Antonio region has always depended on the Edwards Aquifer for its water needs. The Edwards, one of the most abundant artesian aquifers in the world, supplies the San Pedro and San Antonio springs, which until the middle of the 20th century provided the base flow for San Pedro Creek and the San Antonio River.

Is SAWS the only water company in San Antonio?

San Antonio Water System serves 1.9 million people in Bexar County as well as parts of Medina and Atascosa counties. SAWS is the only sewage treatment agency in this area, and it charges a fee to the military bases and suburban cities which maintain their own wastewater collection systems.

What is in San Antonio tap water?

Chromium (total) – This is found in San Antonio tap water as a result of industrial usage. Cobalt – This metal is often found in food and in tap water. Dibromoacetic acid – One of five haloacetic acids. Each can increase the likelihood of cancer and problems during pregnancy.

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Who owns San Antonio water Systems?

Who We Are. SAWS is a public utility owned by the City of San Antonio. It was created in May 1992 through the consolidation of three predecessor agencies.

Does San Antonio still have to boil water?

All SAWS customers can now use their tap water without boiling, San Antonio Water System announced Tuesday. SAWS bulk water distribution sites are still available for self-service.

Can I drink tap water in San Antonio?

SAN ANTONIO – All San Antonio Water System customers in San Antonio can now use their tap water without boiling, utility officials announced Tuesday. SAWS’ water status map shows green for all of San Antonio.

How long will San Antonio have to boil water?

The water should be brought to a vigorous rolling boil and then boiled for two minutes. In lieu of boiling, individuals may purchase bottled water or obtain water from some other suitable source for drinking water or human consumption purposes.

What does CR mean on a water bill?

Account activity. This shows any payments made or any adjustments to your balance since you received your last bill. Where you see cr, that means credit. This is either payments you’ve made towards your account or if your account balance is in credit.

How do I turn off the water to my house in San Antonio?

Turn off water using the shut-off valve located at your meter box. Using a wrench, remove the valve body at the large nut. Caution: These instructions are not to REPLACE the entire faucet-only to repair the valve. If necessary, use a screwdriver to remove the nut that holds the knob together and remove the knob.

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Why is San Antonio water so hard?

Why Is San Antonio’s Water So Hard? San Antonio and the Hill Country are known for having some of the hardest water in America. We get our water from the area’s largest water source, the Edwards Aquifer. This aquifer is full of limestone, which in turn leaves dissolved minerals in our water.

Is San Antonio tap water good?

Since 1936, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has rated San Antonio as having a superior water system.

Is San Antonio Safe?

Health & Safety in San Antonio Crime — San Antonio is a safe city. Violent crime occurs less frequently than in the average American city. In fact, of the 32 largest cities in the U.S., San Antonio ranked the eighth safest according to a firm that sorts through crime data for the United States.

What is the hardness of San Antonio water?

The water hardness in San Antonio is around 17 up to 100 GPG meaning it is more likely to cause damage to pipes etc.

What aquifers are in Texas?

Major Aquifers

  • Pecos Valley.
  • Seymour.
  • Gulf Coast.
  • Carrizo-Wilcox.
  • Hueco-Mesilla Bolsons.
  • Ogallala.
  • Edwards-Trinity (Plateau)
  • Edwards (Balcones Fault Zone)

How is San Antonio water?

San Antonio has been rated as having a superior water system by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality since 1936. Find out exactly what is in your superior-quality water supply. SAWS programs prevent, detect and reduce environmental pollution in our drinking water.

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