Often asked: What Cities/communities In Louisiana Depend On The Ouachita River For Water For There Water Supply?

Where is the source of the Ouachita River?

The Ouachita River originates in the Ouachita Mountains of west-central Arkansas near the Arkansas and Oklahoma border and flows 600 river miles before joining the Black and Red rivers in north-central Louisiana. The Ouachita flows through eleven different counties in Arkansas and five parishes in Louisiana.

What river flows through Monroe Louisiana?

Ouachita River, river rising in the Ouachita Mountains of west-central Arkansas, U.S., and flowing in a generally southeasterly direction to join the Red River in Louisiana after a course of 605 miles (973 km).

What does the Ouachita River flow into?

4. River Bluff Float Camp: This picturesque swimming spot is a part of the Ouachita River. River Bluff Float Camp is located off of AR Hwy 27 north of Mt. Ida, and is right on the banks of the Ouachita River approx.

What river has been altered by humans more than any other Louisiana river?

The Mississippi River, with its sand and silt, has created most of Louisiana, and it could not have done so by remaining in one channel. If it had, southern Louisiana would be a long narrow peninsula reaching into the Gulf of Mexico.

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Is there alligators in the Ouachita River?

Gators are reported to be well-established along the Ouachita River, which runs through the area.

Which is the longest river on Earth?


  • Nile: 4,132 miles.
  • Amazon: 4,000 miles.
  • Yangtze: 3,915 miles.

What is the deepest part of the Ouachita River?

Streamgage Levels & Water Data Maximum discharge on the river today is recorded at the Ouachita River At Camden with a streamflow rate of 2,470 cfs. This is also the deepest point on the Ouachita River, reporting a gauge stage of 8.05 ft.

What does the word Ouachita mean?

There is disagreement as to the meaning of the word “Ouachita.” Its Choctaw meaning is “Big Hunting Ground,” but it also means, “silver water.” Years before the “Louisiana Purchase” the present site of Monroe was a more or less established point of contact on the banks of the Ouachita River for the fur traders and

How high is the Ouachita River?

Ouachita River @ Monroe, LA Record High Stage: 50.48 Ft.

Who discovered the Ouachita River?

George Hunter, William Dunbar, and a group of soldiers were the explorers that President Jefferson sent to explore the Ouachita River through Arkansas and Louisiana. **Give each student a timeline (Figure 3.) and examine it.

What lives in the Ouachita River?

The preserve provides habitat for deer, turkey, black bear and many other animals. Its location along the Ouachita River helps maintain water quality for mussels and fish, like the Ouachita rock pocketbook and snail-eating stargazing darter, and for people, too.

What kind of fish are in the Ouachita River?

Ouachita River

  • A trout permit is required to keep trout.
  • Daily limit of five trout.
  • Except where noted below, smallmouth bass daily limit is two and each must be at least 12 inches long to keep.
  • Largemouth bass, flathead catfish, pickerel, gar or bowfin should not be eaten because of mercury contamination.
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How deep is the Mississippi?

At its headwaters, or furthest spot from its estuary with other rivers, is less than three feet deep. The Mississippi is deepest right here in New Orleans, near where the Creole Queen loads, between the Governor Nicholls wharf and Algiers Point, where it is 200 feet deep.

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