Often asked: How To Replace Water Supply Line On Back Of Ge Side By Side Fridge?

How do you take the water line off a GE refrigerator?

How to Disconnect a GE Refrigerator Door’s Water Line

  1. Turn off the power for the GE refrigerator.
  2. Turn off the water supply for the GE refrigerator.
  3. Loosen the screws on the toe kick at the base of the refrigerator using a screwdriver.
  4. Pull the toe kick off the bottom of the refrigerator.

How do I test my refrigerator water line?

Where to Find the Refrigerator Water Line Shut-off Valve

  1. Hidden in a box or metal guard at the water source.
  2. Located near the cold water supply at the bottom of the kitchen sink.
  3. In the basement.
  4. In a crawl space.
  5. In the cabinet next to the refrigerator.

How do you turn off a GE side by side refrigerator?

Pressing the REFRIGERATOR or FREEZER PAD will turn on the cooling system. The preset temperature settings will be displayed on the display. Press and hold the REFRIGERATOR andFREEZER pads at the same time to turn off the cooling system.

Should I replace my fridge water line?

A refrigerator water line should last for many years, but if it begins to leak it’s time to replace it with a new one. Many home improvement and hardware stores offer kits made of copper tubing, or flexible braided or plastic piping. The choice is yours, but the copper tubing typically lasts longer.

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How long can a refrigerator water line be?

There is no maximum length, you can run the line as long as needed to reach a main water line. You can also use 1/4″ O.D. (outside dimension) copper tubing with a flared end, approximately 8 ft coiled into 3 turns that are 10″ in diameter.

How often should you replace refrigerator water line?

Even if there is no obvious wear, replace hoses every five years. Use a reinforced steel-braided hose, as they are less likely to fail.

Can I install a refrigerator without a water line?

You don’t need to hook it up if you don’t want ice and water, the fridge will work fine without it. No, you do not have to install the water line. The ice maker itself doesn’t take up too much space in the freezer, so you could just turn it off and pretend it’s not there.

Does Lowes install water line for refrigerator?

So, if you’re in need of a new supply line for any fixture, appliance or faucet around your home, Lowe’s has you covered. If your refrigerator has a filtered water dispenser, you’ll need refrigerator water supply lines to get the water from fridge to glass.

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