FAQ: Where Does The Water Beverly, Ma Used To Supply?

Is Beverly MA tap water safe to drink?

Beverly Water Department For the latest quarter assessed by the U.S. EPA (January 2019 – March 2019), tap water provided by this water utility was in compliance with federal health-based drinking water standards.

Where does Wenham water come from?

Where Does My Drinking Water Come From? Our water is drawn from two gravel-packed wells (approximately 50-feet deep), located off Pleasant Street. These wells draw from the Great Wenham Swamp (backwaters to the Ipswich River), which provides a natural filter.

Where does Ipswich get its water?

water from Dow Reservoir and Bull Brook Reservoir, both located in the Parker River Watershed. The Town also draws water from five ground water sources to augment this supply: Mile Lane and Browns Wells (Parker River Watershed) and Essex Road, Fellows Road and Winthrop Estate Wells (Ipswich River Watershed).

Does Beverly MA have a water ban?

Salem and Beverly are exempt from state-imposed outdoor watering restrictions because they use less water than the limit set by the state for each community. Castonguay said the amounts of water communities could withdraw from water sources were set in 1986 under the Massachusetts Water Management Act.

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Can you drink Ipswich water?

Water still safe to drink Impacted areas in Ipswich include Amberley, Blacksoil, Brassall, Chuwar, the Ipswich CBD, Karrabin, Moores Pocket, Muirlea, North Ipswich, Pine Mountain, Thagoona, Tivoli and Walloon.

Is there a water ban in Ipswich?

IPSWICH — No snow and low flow have led the town to go with voluntary water restrictions. The move was announced at Monday’s select board hearing. “We urge everyone to comply with the voluntary restrictions to ensure an adequate water supply through the summer,” the water department said in its notice.

Is there a water ban in Attleboro MA 2020?

As mandated by the Department of Environment Protection (DEP) to ensure a sustainable water supply through the Town’s high water demand season, the North Attleborough Water Department has issued a Mandatory Non- Essential Water Use Restriction beginning May 1, 2020.

Is there a water ban in Attleboro Massachusetts?

Attleboro has no outdoor water restrictions yet but all other area communities do except Rehoboth, which has no municipal water supply.

Is there a water ban in Fitchburg MA?

▼Fitchburg Water There are currently no alerts for this category.

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